Defenders Lodge 590

a masonic lodge dedicated to defence of country, ritual and each other



SINCE 1922…a brief history

In 1922, Ottawa was a booming centre of industry and government with a rapidly growing population and plenty of job opportunities for soldiers returning from the First World War. Defenders was formed due to two driving forces coming together 

  • Active masons from other lodges throughout Canada finding job in Ottawa 

  • Returning soldiers who left the service looking for the fraternal camaraderie of the forces once they switched careers 

The active masons that had moved to Ottawa, finding themselves far from their original lodges, tried to affiliate with the existing lodges in the Ottawa District. Their applications, together with those of the new soldiers returning from war, inundated the existing lodges, which led to several new lodges being formed, of which Defenders was one.

A proposal was made by a group of brethren, many of whom worked in the Department of Soldiers Civil Re-Establishment, to establish a Craft Lodge in Ottawa, with membership restricted to returned servicemen.  Defenders was born. Our lodge was constituted on October 23, 1922. 

As time marched on, membership was extended to military and non military alike.  We at Defenders Lodge take great pride in our history and founding military members. 

Fraternally yours, 

Very Worshipful Brother Keith Noble